Sound Off Flooring Underlayment

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Sound Off Flooring Underlayment

120 sqft/roll (sold by rolls)

Good to use with Laminate Flooring in areas where there is much traffic and the noise from upstairs is a concern.


  • Reduces noise in today's active households
  • Helps quiet sounds from foot traffic
  • Perfect complement for your new floor
  • Fast and easy to install
  • CRI Green Label Plus-certified
  • Hypoallergenic

Manufacturer: Leggett and Platt

Product Codes:
BM0001 BM0002
Composition: Bonded Foam
Density: 10 lbs/ft³ (18.75 oz/yd²)
Thickness: 5/32" (0.156")
6' x 20' 6' x 60'
120 360
13.33 40
Color: Black core/navy film
Moisture Barrier: N/A*
R-value: 0.58
Indoor Air Quality: CRI Green Label Plus-certified
Flammability (Pill Test): Passes
Impact Insulation Class (IIC): 70
ΔIIC: 21
Sound Transmission Class (STC): 65
Warranty: Limited Warranty
  • IIC: ASTM E492-09 / ASTM E989-06
  • ΔIIC: ASTM E2179-03
  • STC: ASTM E90 / ASTM E413-10
  • *Separate moisture barrier should be used on slab foundation and below-grade installation