Combo Foam 3-in-1 Laminate Underlayment 3mm thick 200 sqft


Combo Foam 3-in-1 Laminate Underlayment 3mm thick 200 sqft 

200 sqft/roll (sold by rolls)

3 mm Thick

Blue or Silver

The 3-in-1 underlayment is to installed under floating flooring such as Laminate Flooring or other as a cushion, and a noise protection. To be laid directly on the concrete and other types of sub-flooring. The surface of the sub-floor needs to be even to guarantee the smooth installation of the Laminate Flooring.


  • Roll Width: 43 1/2 in
  • 3mm=1/8" thick
  • 3 in 1 Essential Underlayment
  • Use it for wood subfloors
  • Basic sound reduction
  • Moisture control
  • Reduces both reflective sound noise and through the floor sound transmission
  • Conceals minor sub-floor imperfections


  • Clean and level sub-floor. Be sure that the installation surface (sub-floor) is dry
  • Roll out underlayment with the moister barrier film facing down to the sub-floor.
  • Join seams of the underlayment with tape
  • Install the flooring according to the flooring manufacturer's installation instructions.