Watermark Mosaics

mosaic design is perfect for adding your personal touch to a specific area. Mosaics can be created as a pattern or as an image. Fujiwa Tiles offers a multitude of mosaic designs. They are designed most notably for swimming pools; however, they can look great in bathroom showers as well.

Watermark Mosaic tiles are hand crafted and therefore require meticulous and time-consuming effort. You may have to wait some time for the mosaic tile to be complete and fully installed, but you will undoubtedly be amazed by the finished product. 

Our pool mosaics are non-frost pool, handmade ceramic tiles and should be used under water. Our mosaics come mounted on a mesh backing ready for easy installation.


Fujiwa Turtle Brown Large/Small Watermark Mosaic Pool Tile

Porpois Fujiwa Large/Small Watermark Mosaic Pool Tile

Fujiwa Mermaid with Dolphin MER-01 Watermark Mosaic Pool Tile

Dolphin Fujiwa Large/Small Watermark Mosaic Pool Tile



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